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        Elephant (29)

        Elephant nail file straight ELNF100-101

        LBP 23,221

        Elephant nail file banana ELNF102-103

        LBP 23,221

        Elephant triangle sponge x4 pcs

        LBP 54,896

        Elephant facial sponges X3 pcs

        LBP 71,789

        Elephant large eyeshadow angled cut brush br113

        LBP 66,511

        Elephant cuticule nipper

        LBP 278,741

        Elephant tweezer ELTW503 \ ELTW502

        LBP 52,787

        Elephant small latex eyeshadow brush x5 BR123

        LBP 50,671

        Elephant wooden handle double sided foot scruber for heels ELNF122

        LBP 114,022

        Elephant nail clipper ELSC301

        LBP 50,671

        Elephant silver tweezer ELTW500

        LBP 61,231

        Elephant big nail clipper (curvy tip) ELSC302

        LBP 66,511

        Elephant wood pusher ELNF117

        LBP 60,178

        Elephant scissor ELSS101

        LBP 84,460

        Elephant fan brush BR136

        LBP 98,187

        Elephant Nail Glue 10g (.35oz)

        LBP 102,408

        Elephant buffer \shiner ELNF116

        LBP 48,563

        Elephant big nail clipper (straight tip) ELSC303

        LBP 62,286

        Elephant fake nails clipper ELSC309 ( the color will be chosen randomly)

        LBP 104,520

        Elephant cuticule trimmer ELSC304

        LBP 51,729