Saint germain

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Saint germain velvet edition lipstick-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain velvet edition lipstick

The baseof these lipsticks is made of genuine honey wax, not synthetic which confers them a hypoallergenic power. These lipsticks have a light, silky and creamy texture that is so...
Saint germain terracotta-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain terracotta

Adds radiance to your complexion, enhances your natural skin tone and creates definition with a little clever contouring. A bronzing powder that provides an instant ultra-natural tanned and radiant complexion...
Saint germain megalast liquid matte-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain megalast liquid matte

Make your lips your best feature! Our Megalast lip-gloss formula, creates a matte finish with a major color playoff, long-lasting and waterproof, for fuller – looking lips.
Saint germain supersize black lash-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain supersize black lash mascara

The best 24-hour defining mascara for stunning and healthy eyelashes. This formula supersizes your lashes and provides them with panoramic and long – lasting finish.
Saint germain final touch concealer

Saint germain final touch concealer

If you are looking for a concealer that really hides blemishes, under-eye circles and dark spots, Final touch Concealer is the product for you. Despite the high coverage, it won't...
Saint germain superstar dip liner-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain superstar dip liner

Fabulous, smooth eyeliner, formulated to be long lasting. Precise thin lines or bold thick ones
Saint germain spicy curl lash-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain spicy curl lash mascara

Creamy texture that makes the application easy and comfortable. Gives thickness and defines your lashes, grants an amazing curl effect and holds the curve.
Saint germain teint velour-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain teint velour

This foundation is ultra moisturizing, created to instantly refreshtired and fatigued skin. It rejuvenates the skin, improves the complexions, and provides long – lasting hydration. Teint Velours has a lightweight...
Saint germain le stick foundation-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain le stick foundation

This oil-free stick foundation has a natural and luminous finish.  Perfect for active lifestyles and offers 24-hour coverage.
Saint germain compact powder-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain compact powder

Smooth pressed powder foundation with a matte finish, ideal for normal to oily skin. The enveloping, supple texture evens out the complexion for a flawless, natural look. The foundation glides...
Saint germain plaisir blush-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain plaisir blush

Compact powder blush.This silky formula sweeps effortlessly over cheekbones to create a naturalfresh look, color stays true. It brightens, it warms, it enhances — It is sure to become your...
Saint germain seductive black volume-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain seductive black volume mascara

For immediate volume, Seductive Black Mascara with its creamy and soft formula, provides you thick and intensely black eyelashes.
Saint germain perles de lumiere-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain perles de lumiere

Transparent loose powder. Symbol of purity, nature, and brilliance, an exceptional affinity for your skin. Oil-free micro-spherical powder touches the skin gently, gliding on like a silken veil that evens...
Saint germain poudre de soie loose powder-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain poudre de soie loose powder

All over loose shimmer powder gives you a rich glimmering finish, from head to toe! The merest whisper of this silky powder is enough to make your skin glow radiantly...
Saint germain teint parfait-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint germain teint parfait

Teint Parfait is a lightweight, oil-free foundation.With its non – comedogenic properties it gives flawless coverage and neatlyconceals all blemishes and marks, while hydrating dry spots. It is suitable forall...
Saint Germain regard calin-Saint germain-zed-store

Saint Germain regard calin

This densely pigmented concealer was specially formulated for the delicate skin under the eye, and may also be used anywhere on the face as corrector. The creamy texture offers full...