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        September Offers (23)

        Diadermine expert cellulaire 3D complexe cellulaire night cream 50ml + FREE demaquillant douceur yeux 125 ml

        LBP 120,000

        Diadermine LIFT+ Hydratant Anti-rides Jour Spf20

        LBP 97,000

        Diadermine lift+correction couleur soin anti taches 30ml 1+1FREE

        LBP 135,000

        Diadermine purely essential cleansing milk 400ml x2 bundle

        LBP 108,000

        Diadermine purely essential cleansing mousse 150ml x2 bundle

        LBP 95,000

        Diadermine Purely Essential Day Cream + Night Cream bundle

        LBP 75,000

        Diadermine serum de beaute 30ml+FREE demaquillant douceur yeux 125ml

        LBP 120,000

        Ruby rose Black Gel Eyeliner HB-8401

        LBP 63,017

        Ruby rose compact powder hb 7206

        LBP 61,590

        Ruby rose eyestyler mascara l6 HB-8310

        LBP 116,427

        Ruby rose feels soft blender HB-s01

        LBP 46,453

        Ruby rose feels soft blender HB-s02

        LBP 48,251

        Ruby rose matte foundation HB-8073

        LBP 81,039

        ruby rose natural look foundation hb 8051

        LBP 95,542

        Ruby rose skin cleansing and makeup remover with oil 120ml HB-600

        LBP 302,593

        Ruby rose skin cleansing gel wash 100ml HB-326

        LBP 110,578

        Ruby rose skin face cream moisturizing 50g HB-406

        LBP 114,265

        Ruby rose skin foam makeup remover 125ml HB-337

        LBP 258,285

        Ruby rose skin mask cream exfoliating 50mg HB-407

        LBP 111,301

        Ruby rose skin moisturizing spray 116ml HB-336

        LBP 129,674

        Ruby rose skin serum antioxidant 26ml HB-415

        LBP 151,863

        Ruby rose skin toner refreshing 116ml HB-331

        LBP 151,863

        Ruby rose soft matte foundation HB-8050

        LBP 95,542