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        Skin care (95)

        Dali Skin Micellar Water 250ml

        LBP 133,280

        L'oreal hydra genius daily liquid care - normal/dry skin

        LBP 890,000

        Garnier micellar cleansing water 400ml

        LBP 475,000

        Garnier micellar cleansing water in oil 100ml

        LBP 241,300

        Garnier eye sheet mask hyaluronic acid and orange juice

        LBP 171,000

        Garnier fresh-mix face sheet shot mask with vitamin c

        LBP 218,000

        Garnier charcoal and algae hydrating face sheet mask

        LBP 218,500


        LBP 800,000

        Garnier hydra bomb eye night tissue mask

        LBP 153,860

        Beesline Propolis Facial Wash 250ml - For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

        LBP 378,802


        LBP 800,000


        LBP 800,000

        Dali Skin Cleansing milk 250 ml

        LBP 285,180

        Garnier Micellar Brightening Cleanser Water with Vitamin C

        LBP 475,000

        Cosmaline skinnet hand & body cream 60 ml

        LBP 95,511

        Dali Skin Hand and Body Coconut Lotion 250 ml

        LBP 215,533

        Ruby rose Scrubby Lip scrub hb 8525

        LBP 118,673

        Garnier fast fairness face mask

        LBP 218,500

        Byphasse Hydra infini cream 24H day and night 50ml

        LBP 690,553

        L'oreal fine flowers milk cleansing milk

        LBP 1,065,000

        Garnier hydra bomb night tissue mask

        LBP 196,980

        Garnier BB Cream combination to oily skin

        LBP 452,954

        L'oreal paris micellar water 400ml

        LBP 158,405

        Dali skin golden sun oil 250 ml

        LBP 285,180

        Garnier Fast Fairness Bright Vitamin C Booster Serum 30ml

        LBP 950,000

        Beesline Feet & Heels Repair Cream 150ml + FREE Foot File

        LBP 232,925

        Byphasse Home spa experience purifying face scrub combination to oily skin 150ml

        LBP 409,816

        Dali skin honey bronze suntan cream 250 ml

        LBP 380,240

        Garnier bb cream classic

        LBP 452,954

        L'oreal revitalift anti-wrinkle + firming eye cream

        LBP 1,140,000

        L'oreal paris revitalift night cream

        LBP 1,140,000

        Dali Skin cleansing gel 250 ml

        LBP 199,920

        L'Oreal Hyaluron expert ultra thin tissue mask

        LBP 256,000

        L'oreal detox & brighten clay mask

        LBP 136,129

        L'oreal paris pure clay charcoal detoxifying gel wash 150 ml

        LBP 136,129

        L'Oreal Revitalif laser x3 Day cream spf 20

        LBP 1,283,800

        L'oreal pure-sugar smooth & glow grapeseed scrub

        LBP 137,368

        L'oreal paris fine flowers gel-cream wash sensitive 150ml

        LBP 132,418

        Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal Blackhead Mask Wash Scrub

        LBP 418,301

        L'oreal age perfect hydrating day

        LBP 777,205

        L'oreal paris dermo-expertise gentle makeup remover - waterproof 125 ml

        LBP 248,751

        L'oreal paris pure clay red algae exfoliating scrub 150 ml

        LBP 136,129

        Byphasse Home spa experience soothing face scrub sensitive to dry skin 150ml

        LBP 397,876

        L'oreal paris pure clay eucalyptus purifying cream wash 150 ml

        LBP 136,129


        LBP 1,615,000

        L'oreal paris revitalift laser x3 anti-ageing power eye cream 15 ml

        LBP 1,425,000

        L'oreal age perfect hydrating night

        LBP 777,205

        L'oreal age perfect cell renew advanced restoring night cream 50 ml

        LBP 1,615,000

        Loreal revitalift laser x3 new skin anti-aging night cream-mask

        LBP 1,425,000

        L'oreal age perfect cell renew eyes serum 360 15 ml

        LBP 944,280

        L'oreal pure-sugar purify & unclog kiwi scrub

        LBP 137,368

        L'oreal revitalift day cream spf 30

        LBP 1,140,000

        L'oreal cell renewal* golden serum

        LBP 606,415

        Dali Skin body wash sweet coconut 250 ml

        LBP 176,400

        L'oreal revitalif energising red cream

        LBP 337,856

        L'oreal paris revitalift laser x3 anti-ageing power serum 30 ml

        LBP 545,772

        Dali Skin body wash wild strawberry 250 ml

        LBP 75,541

        Sairo Almonds moisturizing cream 200ml EXP 5/22

        LBP 164,256

        Sairo Aloe vera hand cream 125ml

        LBP 205,344

        Garnier pure active 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask

        LBP 329,194

        L'oreal pure-sugar nourish & soften cocoa scrub

        LBP 137,368

        L'oreal pure clay blemish rescue mask

        LBP 137,368

        Cosmaline skinnet energizing exfoliating foaming body scrub 150ml

        LBP 271,784

        L'oreal purify & mattify pure-clay mask

        LBP 137,368

        L'oreal pure clay mask clarify & smooth

        LBP 1,110,000

        Sairo Coconut moisturizing cream 200ml

        LBP 205,344

        Garnier micellar oil-infused cleansing water 400ml

        LBP 617,500

        L'oreal revitalift filler renew night cream

        LBP 606,415

        L'oreal daily volumizing concentrated filler serum

        LBP 641,687

        Dali Skin Hand and Body honey and milk moisturizing and hydrating 250 ml

        LBP 218,540

        Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Imperfection Face Wash

        LBP 657,400

        Savanah volcano magnetic mask

        LBP 60,000

        Sairo Tangerine moisturizing cream 200ml

        LBP 205,344

        Garnier Men Power Fairness Charcoal Face Wash

        LBP 657,400

        L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Re-Hydrating Eye Cream

        LBP 777,205

        L'oreal pure clay exfoliate & refine mask

        LBP 137,368

        Sairo Papaya moisturizing cream 200ml

        LBP 232,712

        Garnier Men Acno Fight Exfoliating Face Wash

        LBP 657,400

        -20% L'oreal revitalif energising red cream

        LBP 223,998 LBP 237,495

        essence HELLO GOOD STUFF! Face Mask

        LBP 462,403

        Garnier Men Oil Control Face Wash

        LBP 657,400

        Garnier - UV sun spray - Ambre solaire Dry protect mist SPF30

        LBP 1,165,000

        L'Oréal Revitalift Filler Renew Anti-Ageing Day Cream 

        LBP 606,415

        Savanah carbonated bubble clay mask

        LBP 47,000 LBP 52,000

        L'Oreal Revitalif laser x3 Day cream

        LBP 1,283,800

        Sairo Repairing hand cream 125ml

        LBP 205,344

        Sairo Q-10 hand cream 125ml

        LBP 205,344

        L'ORÉAL PARIS RARE FLOWERS - CLEANSING WIPES dry and sensitive skin

        LBP 108,902

        L'ORÉAL PARIS RARE FLOWERS - CLEANSING WIPES normal to combination skin

        LBP 108,902

        Garnier Sunscreen Sensitive advanced (SPF 50) 50ml

        LBP 1,165,000

        L'oreal extraordinary oil cream

        LBP 41,144

        Garnier Sunscreen Sensitive advanced (SPF 30) 50ml

        LBP 1,048,000

        L'oreal extraordinary oil cream night cream

        LBP 41,144

        L'oreal paris extraordinary facial oil

        LBP 48,261

        L'oreal paris revitalift filler renew eye cream (15ml)

        LBP 545,772