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        Keep your cheeks popping with this collection of blushes 

        Blush (21)

        Yves morel blush terra

        LBP 46,000

        Ruby rose blush blossom palette HB-6112

        LBP 80,000

        Dali blush mosaique

        LBP 38,000

        Maybelline facestudio master bronze kit

        LBP 131,000

        Yves morel blush mosaique

        LBP 46,000

        Yves morel blush

        LBP 46,000

        L'oreal glam bronze la terra powder

        LBP 222,000

        Saint germain plaisir blush

        LBP 60,000

        Ruby rose Bare Skin Ruby Rose Illuminating Powder HB-7214

        LBP 30,000

        Saint germain terracotta

        LBP 81,000

        Samoa revive duo blush

        LBP 117,000

        Yves morel baked blusher

        LBP 60,000

        Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 020

        LBP 76,000

        Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 010

        LBP 76,000

        Ruby rose artist cheek palette HB-7219

        LBP 150,000

        Bourjois duo blush sculpt

        LBP 130,000

        Juicy beauty blush me #35

        LBP 6,000

        Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing & Highlighting Palette

        LBP 171,000

        Bourjois le petit strober

        LBP 94,000

        Pupa luminys baked all over illuminating blush-powder

        LBP 315,000

        Pupa like a doll maxi blush

        LBP 268,000