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        Christmas Sale 2020 (21)

        Ruby rose Pinacolada eyeshadow palette hb 1055

        LBP 65,000

        Ruby Rose Color Fest Glitter Palette Hb 8408

        LBP 135,000

        Ruby rose Macaron eyeshadow palette hb 1052

        LBP 65,000

        Ruby rose Shine Glitter Black Eyeshadow Palette HB 8407 / B

        LBP 110,000

        Ruby rose Pink Lemonade eyeshadow palette hb 1056

        LBP 65,000

        Ruby rose Shine Creamy Glitter Palette HB 8407 / G

        LBP 110,000

        Ruby rose sunset highlighter palette HB-7504

        LBP 55,000

        Samoa Hotter Than Hot Bundle

        LBP 152,000

        Samoa all eyes on me nails and lips kit

        LBP 109,000

        Ruby rose Tutti Frutti eyeshadow palette hb 1053

        LBP 65,000

        Ruby rose Love Me eyeshadow palette hb 1046

        LBP 110,000

        Ruby rose Ready For Eyeshadow Palette HB 1059

        LBP 180,000

        Ruby Rose Party Girls Eyeshadow Palette Hb 1047

        LBP 110,000

        Ruby rose brilliant palette HB 7231

        LBP 165,000

        Ruby rose be sweet palette HB-9923

        LBP 45,000

        Ruby rose Moody eyeshadow palette hb 1054

        LBP 120,000

        Ruby rose cheek play pocket kit palette hb 7515

        LBP 42,000