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        October 2021 Mega Sale (301)

        Ruby rose lipliner pencil sweet lips HB-095

        LBP 24,304

        Ruby Rose Eye Pencils with build-in sharpener

        LBP 20,829

        Ruby rose soft matte foundation HB-8050

        LBP 76,761

        Ruby rose batom liquido liquid matte lipstick HB-8213

        LBP 61,003

        Ruby rose Lip oil hydrating gloss HB-8221

        LBP 42,701

        ruby rose natural look foundation hb 8051

        LBP 76,761

        Ruby rose Tropico mascara HB-8309

        LBP 81,337

        Ruby rose matte foundation HB-8073

        LBP 65,109

        Ruby rose HD concealer HB-8091

        LBP 75,236

        Ruby rose flawless concealer HB-8080

        LBP 55,918

        Ruby rose liquid glitter eyeliner HB 8416

        LBP 53,681

        Ruby rose Black Gel Eyeliner HB-8401

        LBP 50,631

        Ruby rose soft nude eyeshadow palette HB-1045

        LBP 177,927

        Ruby rose lip tint HB-555

        LBP 49,817

        Ruby Rose Liquid Lipstick Matte Ruby Rose Feels Group 3 Hb 8226

        LBP 45,142

        Ruby rose highlight and contour stick HB-8094

        LBP 65,109

        Ruby Rose Best eyebrow gel HB 8400

        LBP 49,106

        Ruby rose compact powder hb 7206

        LBP 49,484

        Ruby rose liquid eyeliner HB-090

        LBP 73,357

        Ruby rose Shimmer HB 8409

        LBP 56,427

        Ruby rose Losse Glitter HB 8405

        LBP 60,769

        Ruby rose skin perfect primer HB-8086

        LBP 95,500

        Ruby rose feels foundation hb 8053

        LBP 100,045

        Ruby rose Care Lips Scrub Fun HB-8526

        LBP 34,722

        Ruby rose liquid highlighter a kiss of light HB-8099

        LBP 41,668

        Ruby rose Feels Concealer HB-8102

        LBP 68,119

        Ruby rose feels Translucent Mattifying Powder HB-7224

        LBP 103,311

        Ruby rose Brown Solution HB-8403

        LBP 50,631

        Ruby rose eyebrow shadow HB-9355

        LBP 49,484

        Essence i love extreme volume mascara

        LBP 100,000

        Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

        LBP 130,000

        Ruby rose liquid eyeliner HB-8406

        LBP 58,164

        Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation

        LBP 263,000

        Ruby rose 2in1 stick and liquid concealer HB-8095

        LBP 47,746

        Essence Camouflage matt concealer

        LBP 99,000

        Ruby rose Tutti Frutti eyeshadow palette hb 1053

        LBP 90,487

        Byphasse Soft cleansing milk face & eyes all skin types (pump) 500ml

        LBP 143,648

        Byphasse Fixing spray make-up all skin types

        LBP 126,410

        Essence false lash princess mascara waterproof

        LBP 118,000

        Ruby rose Latte eyeshadow palette HB 1051

        LBP 108,523

        Essence i love extreme volume mascara waterproof

        LBP 100,000

        Essence make me brow gel mascara

        LBP 87,000

        Ruby Rose Eyebrow Powder Kit Eyeshadow Palette HB-9354

        LBP 58,164

        Feels duo sculpt contouring HB-8101

        LBP 68,756

        Ruby rose Feels Lip Glaze Lipstick(with glitter) 8227

        LBP 42,537

        Ruby rose Shine Body Glow HB-8110

        LBP 104,926

        Ruby rose Moody eyeshadow palette hb 1054

        LBP 162,677

        Ruby rose Glossy Balm Hydrating 8.3 ml hb-8222

        LBP 48,616

        Essence lash princess sculpted volume mascara

        LBP 130,000

        Ruby rose lipstick 286 hb-8213

        LBP 61,003

        Ruby rose Chic look eyeshadow palette HB-1041

        LBP 129,123

        Essence my skin perfector loose fixing powder

        LBP 109,000

        Ruby rose Shimmer Gel HB 8404

        LBP 73,794

        Ruby rose spotlight duster brush f37

        LBP 100,708

        Ruby rose feels liquid lipstick HB-8229

        LBP 48,699

        Ruby rose large angled contour f40

        LBP 98,971

        Ruby rose Feels Prep+Primer hb 8116

        LBP 92,419

        Ruby rose lipstick 283 hb-8213

        LBP 61,003

        Ruby rose Cosmo Sound eyeshadow palette HB 1060

        LBP 159,749

        Essence stay 8h matte liquid lipstick

        LBP 104,000

        Ruby Rose brilliant you palette eyeshadow HB-1043

        LBP 129,123

        Essence this is me lipstick

        LBP 82,000

        Ruby rose The Cherry eyeshadow palette HB 1050

        LBP 90,487

        Byphasse 120 Cotton Pads For Make-Up Removal

        LBP 59,000

        Ruby rose lipstick 288 hb-8213

        LBP 61,003

        essence stay all day 16h foundation

        LBP 133,000

        essence the false lashes mascara extreme volume & curl

        LBP 99,000

        Essence get big lashes volume waterproof mascara

        LBP 92,000

        Ruby rose Ready For Eyeshadow Palette HB 1059

        LBP 254,184

        Ruby rose to glow highlighter loose powder HB-7227

        LBP 55,559

        Ruby rose Pinacolada eyeshadow palette hb 1055

        LBP 80,319

        Ruby rose brilliant palette HB 7231

        LBP 282,173

        Ruby rose Bare Skin Ruby Rose Illuminating Powder HB-7214

        LBP 43,406

        Catrice True Skin Hydrating Foundation

        LBP 263,000

        Byphasse deodorant 24hr anti tache à l'huile d'amande douce 50 ml

        LBP 85,000

        Byphasse deodorant 24hr anti tache fleur de cotton 50 ml

        LBP 85,000

        Essence Choose your Glow Highlighter Palette

        LBP 173,000

        Byphasse Purifying cleansing and makeup remover gel all skin types 200ml

        LBP 137,254

        Ruby rose Macaron eyeshadow palette hb 1052

        LBP 80,319

        Ruby Rose Color Fest Glitter Palette Hb 8408

        LBP 169,301

        Ruby rose lipstick 292 hb-8213

        LBP 61,003

        Essence Stay All Day 16h Long-lasting Concealer

        LBP 87,000

        Essence volume stylist 18h lash extension mascara

        LBP 115,000

        Ruby Rose party look eyeshadow palette HB-1044

        LBP 129,123

        Ruby rose contouring powder palette HB-7208

        LBP 216,185

        Ruby rose Scrubby Lip scrub hb 8525

        LBP 53,823

        Ruby rose enigma eyeshadow palette hb 1008

        LBP 73,794

        Essence mattfying compact powder

        LBP 109,000

        Byphasse makeup remover with aloe vera for sensitive skin 40 sheets

        LBP 79,181

        Ruby rose Highlighter Palette extended edition HB-7501

        LBP 104,182

        Essence The Blush

        LBP 96,000

        Ruby rose hidden treasure palette HB-8098

        LBP 156,277

        Byphasse Hydra infini cream 24H day and night 50ml

        LBP 213,560


        LBP 80,000

        Byphasse makeup remover wipes with milk proteins all skin type 40 sheets

        LBP 79,181

        Byphasse deodorant 24hr anti tache extrait de bambou 50 ml

        LBP 85,000

        Byphasse deodorant 24hr anti tache rosée du matin 50 ml

        LBP 85,000

        Essence lash princess volume mascara

        LBP 130,000

        Catrice plumping lipliner

        LBP 95,000

        Ruby rose the hypnotic palette HB-1024

        LBP 65,109

        Ruby rose glow your skin highlighter palette HB-7500/L

        LBP 86,818

        Essence perfect matte lipstick

        LBP 104,000

        Catrice Prime And Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray

        LBP 167,000

        Ruby rose the wolf palette HB-1026

        LBP 65,109

        Byphasse Micellar make-up remover solution activated charcoal 500ml PURE SKIN

        LBP 147,479

        Essence soft touch mousse foundation

        LBP 133,000

        Catrice Matt Pro Ink Non-Transfer Liquid Lipstick

        LBP 187,000

        Ruby rose glow your skin highlighter palette HB-7500/D

        LBP 86,818

        Ruby rose smoky kit eyeshadow palette HB-1037

        LBP 73,794

        Essence 01 kajal black pencil

        LBP 46,000

        Ruby rose sunset highlighter palette HB-7504

        LBP 61,384

        Essence sawasdee bangkok eyeshadow palette

        LBP 160,000

        Byphasse Lift instant cream Q10 NIGHT care 50ml

        LBP 213,560

        Catrice Ten!sational 10 in 1 Dream Primer

        LBP 225,000

        Byphasse Home spa experience purifying face scrub combination to oily skin 150ml

        LBP 126,410

        Ruby rose Shine Glitter Black Eyeshadow Palette HB 8407 / B

        LBP 138,910

        Ruby rose eyebrow up palette hb 9356

        LBP 82,476

        Byphasse Back to Basics shower shampoo normal hair 750ml

        LBP 100,300

        Essence Hello Good Stuff Tinted Beauty Cream 30ml

        LBP 140,000

        ruby rose candy eyeshadow palette 9986/2

        LBP 69,451

        Byphasse Back to Basics shower gel dry and very dry skin 750ml

        LBP 100,300

        Byphasse Lift instant cream Q10 DAY care 50ml

        LBP 213,560

        Essence my skin perfector tinted primer

        LBP 109,000

        Ruby rose Shine Creamy Glitter Palette HB 8407 / G

        LBP 138,910

        Byphasse Detox clay mask all skin types 150ml

        LBP 126,410

        Catrice Pro Next-Gen Nudes Slim Eyeshadow Palette

        LBP 360,000

        Essence bye bye panda eyes!

        LBP 117,000

        Catrice liquid shadow waterproof

        LBP 105,000

        Catrice Kohl Kajal

        LBP 75,000

        Ruby Rose Classic kit de Sombras eyeshadow palette HB-1034

        LBP 73,794

        Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 020

        LBP 150,000

        Ruby rose Pink Lemonade eyeshadow palette hb 1056

        LBP 80,319

        Ruby rose shine brighter creamy highlight palette hb 7510

        LBP 56,427

        Byphasse makeup remover wipes with pomegranate & green tea for mature skin 40 sheets EXP 10/23

        LBP 79,181

        Byphasse Home spa experience soothing face mask sensitive and dry skins 150ml

        LBP 126,410

        Essence tiny tip liner waterproof

        LBP 99,000

        Catrice Prime And Fine Poreless Blur Primer

        LBP 187,000

        Byphasse Anti-imperfections clay mask combination to OILY SKIN 150ml

        LBP 126,410

        Ruby rose wow shiny lips HB-8218 #046

        LBP 44,274

        ruby rose-the skill of beauty concealer palette hb-8097 2-light to medium

        LBP 82,476

        essence The Dip Eyeliner waterproof 2,5 ml

        LBP 90,000

        Catrice Blush Box Glowing + Multicolour 010

        LBP 150,000

        Byphasse Sorbet serum moisturizing Nº1 50ml

        LBP 229,842

        Catrice All Matt Plus - Shine Control Make Up

        LBP 244,000

        Byphasse Purity toner lotion witch hazel water and orange blossom oily skin 500ml

        LBP 142,533

        Byphasse Home spa experience soothing face scrub sensitive to dry skin 150ml

        LBP 126,410

        Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops 8ml

        LBP 76,000

        Ruby rose Flame and Ice eyeshadow palette hb 1061

        LBP 91,504

        Ruby rose risk taker eyeshadow palette HB-1032

        LBP 73,794

        Byphasse purifying mask all skin types 150ml

        LBP 126,410

        Catrice 18h colour & contour eye pencil

        LBP 71,000