Ruby Rose Eye Pencils with build-in sharpener

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Color: 02 sparkle cream

01 snow white
02 sparkle cream
03 light baby
04 brownie
05 brown sugar
06 coffee beans
07 dark chocolate
08 deep brown
09 bubble gum
10 metal
11 brilliant rose
12 dark lavender
13 eggplant
14 dream purple
15 royal blue
16 deep ocean
17 tropical forest
18 army green
19 caramel
21 burnt gold
22 charcoal
23 moon gray
24 dark night
20 antique bronze

Sometimes you want to add expressiveness to everyday eye makeup: for example, a bright accent in the form of arrows. With the new Ruby Rose Sweet Eyes HB-096 with a sharpener, you can create sophisticated and original looks every day that will surely draw attention and cheer you up.

Product benefits

The presented product is a soft pencil that is easy to apply and easy to blend. With a wide color palette, it can replace eye shadow or eyebrow pencil . In addition, this product:

does not print on the upper eyelids;

does not spread or smear;

easily washed off with makeup remover.

How does it work?

The modern formula of the beauty novelty from Ruby Rose makes it possible to create the perfect makeup that will delight you with its durability and brightness throughout the day. The delicate scent and delicate texture of the cosmetic eyeliner allow even women with sensitive eyelid skin to use it.

Additional Information

01 snow white, 02 sparkle cream, 03 light baby, 04 brownie, 05 brown sugar, 06 coffee beans, 07 dark chocolate, 08 deep brown, 09 bubble gum, 10 metal, 11 brilliant rose, 12 dark lavender, 13 eggplant, 14 dream purple, 15 royal blue, 16 deep ocean, 17 tropical forest, 18 army green, 19 caramel, 21 burnt gold, 22 charcoal, 23 moon gray, 24 dark night, 20 antique bronze

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