Ailyak safaron clay mask for oily skin 100g

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A clarifying clay mask that subtly warms to open pores, absorb excess oil, gently exfoliate, and decongest skin without drying.

Ingredients: Mix of oils, red clay mask, jojoba oil, Saffron leaves, Ghar oil, carotene from saffaron

Used For: oily skin this combination is the solution of reducing the oil exoration in the oily skin, and carotene plays the role of antioxidant in preventing skin irritation, thus preventing the appearance of signs and signs of ageing, reduce the skin damage, and gives the skin a natural glow and gives it attractiveness and beauty

Suggested Usage:
-Massage a thin layer onto skin.
-Leave on for no more than three to five minutes.
-Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
-Avoid the eye area.