Catrice Aqua Ink Lipliner

$2.31 $1.85

Color: 090 pink or nothing

010 attinude is everything
090 pink or nothing
100 spicy papaya
20 Just Follow Your Rose
40 Back To The Fuchsia
50 Don't Copy My Poppy
60 I Feel InspIRED Today
80 Pinky Panther

Tint Your Lips. The Aqua Ink Lipliner dispenses the innovative, water-based texture via a ball applicator to accurately outline the lips. When the formula is absorbed, it leaves behind a tint effect that colours the lips in semi-permanent shades ranging from nude to pink to red. Can be used to outline or completely cover the lips. The formula is enriched with pampering ingredients such as aloe, panthenol and vitamin E.

Beauty Tip
The intensive colours of the Aqua Ink Liner are perfectly complemented by a coat of lipgloss. No matter whether the lips have been outlined or completely coloured in: the gloss automatically makes the lips look plumper and gives any look a fresh, glamorous touch.

Additional Information

010 attinude is everything, 090 pink or nothing, 100 spicy papaya, 20 Just Follow Your Rose, 40 Back To The Fuchsia, 50 Don't Copy My Poppy, 60 I Feel InspIRED Today, 80 Pinky Panther