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Catrice quick dry top coat 10.5ml
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Catrice quick dry top coat 10.5ml

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Catrice Quick Dry Top Coat is a vegan nail polish that helps you to reduce your nails drying time to just 40 seconds. In other words, with this top coat your favorite nail polish gets a high glossy finish. At the same time, your nail polish gets a new and longer life. Thus, the color does not wear out or start to come off easily. In addition, this top coat contains an anti-yellowing formula, which helps to treat your nails. For this to happen, just apply a thin layer over your previously dried nail polish. After 40 seconds, you are ready to rock your day or even your special event. In short, this top coat offers you the possibility to have your dream manicure without having to leave your house. This is because you can give a glossy finish to any nail polish you have. Not only do you prolong its durability but you also provide extra care for your nails.