Diadermine lift + eclat immediat capsules


Double action
Visible Tightening Effect: its formula with Collagen Activator stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen in your skin to make it firmer and provide it with a noticeably and visibly immediate tightening effect.
Immediate Radiance Revealer: Its formula with active vitamins C and E improves the quality of the skin: it erases signs of fatigue by energizing the epidermis. Your skin is instantly more toned. Your luminous and radiant complexion.

From the application you feel and see your transformed skin. You feel the tightening effect of this invisible veil which leaves your skin smooth and your complexion radiant.
One immediate Lift + Radiance capsule is enough and you shine. Active Vitamin Complex

Collagen Activator
Hypoallergenic: Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
Dermatologically tested.

from 30 years old