Maybelline tattoo brow 3 day styling gel


Color: Deep brown

Deep brown
Medium brown
Warm brown
Meet Tattoo Brow 3 Day styling gel for effortless application and naturally wow brows. This semi-permanent tinted eyebrow gel is mistake-proof, smudge-proof and climate-proof. Its brow brush easily defines and shapes brows. Available in 3 diverse shades.

Meet our Semi-permanent styling gel that lasts up to 3 days

Mistake-proof two-sided brush to define & shape
Leaves behind a defined, natural makeup finish
Available in 3 diverse shades


Hold the applicator vertically and color your eyebrows by lightly brushing, starting from the brow arch and moving to the front.


Continue to brush lightly, moving from the tail of the eyebrow and moving in the direction of the hair growing.
Additional Information

Deep brown, Medium brown, Warm brown