Pupa Vamp! all in one mascara


Let yourself be conquered by the multidimensional result of Vamp! All in One for eyelashes immediately surprisingly volumized, elongated and curved. A mascara with a strengthening treatment that over time promotes the natural growth of eyelashes and strengthens them, helping them to be thicker and thicker for an irresistible look. 

The highly structuring waxes envelop and intensify the lashes, making them thicker coat after coat, for spectacular volume. The combination of the natural gelling agents and the applicator allows you to obtain perfectly curled lashes. The special waxes and the film-forming agents create an incredible lengthening effect. The fortifying treatment stimulates the growth of the lashes and restructures them from within, making them progressively denser, thicker and more consistent, and increasing their natural volume and curve. The Cassie Wax with emollient and protective action makes the lashes more supple. The Loss-prevention Moleculesupports the hair follicle for stronger lashes.

90% finds larger lashes * 
90% finds longer lashes * 
86% finds thicker lashes * 
83% finds stronger lashes *