Real techniques poreless perfection kit

  • Includes 3 Real Tehcniques Sponges: 1 Miracle Cleanse Sponge, 1 Miracle Airblend Sponge, 1 Miracle Powder Sponge
  • The Pro-Poreless Perfection Kit covers all your needs for a look that lasts! Turn these 3 sponges into your easy, everyday skincare + makeup routine and you will stay shine free all day. All sponges are infused with infused protection to keep your skin healthy
  • The Miracle Cleanse Sponge: Infused with probiotics to help calm the skin while the Skincare Sponge is infused with vegan collagen to promote elasticity and firmness. Get the most of out of your routine!
  • Miracle Airblend Sponge: New memory foam technology hugs skin surface for a natural, shine free finish. Pair with any foundation and use dry for a fuller coverage
  • Miracle Powder Sponge: Velvety materials provide maximum setting pickup for a soft, filtered finish that lasts. Pair with any powder product
  • Mild, yet effective The Miracle Cleanse dual-sided sponge should be used with your daily cleanser to remove impurities and polish pores to reveal soft, smooth skin for even makeup application
  • Use with Airblend Sponge with foundations, concealers, tinted moisturizers for a natural luminous finish and has protection to keep your skin healthy up to 30 days!