Ruby rose mood compact blush hb-582


Color: MB10


The Mood compact blush with high pigmentation has arrived. It has components that provide high fixation on the skin, its texture is fine and velvety, it has great durability. With it, the face is flushed and harmonic.


The Mood Compact Blush from the Mood line by Ruby Rose provides a matte finish, high fixation and durability on the skin, with a fine and velvety

texture, it is super pigmented, perfect for leaving your cheeks flushed.


It's perfect to give that little color to your cheeks and even carry it in your bag to touch up your look at any time, as its packaging is practical and compact.

There are 4 different colors for you to have fun with, catering to all skin tones, from lighter to black:

- MB10: peach;

- MB20: soft pink;

- MB30: pink rose;

- MB40: marsala rose



- Matte finish

- High fixation

- Long lasting

- Velvety texture

- High pigmentation


How To Use:

Apply in upward circular motions until reaching the desired effect and in areas you want to give a flushed face effect such as cheekbones,

bridge of nose, forehead. Blend the product well to ensure a natural, even finish!

If you want a more intense color, repeat the application in layers, adding little by little until the desired effect is achieved.

Make sure the blush is well blended with the rest of the makeup , avoiding lines of demarcation.

Finish with a light dab of highlighter to desired areas, such as temples and cupid's bow, for extra glow


Additional Information

MB10, MB20, MB30, MB40

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