Ruby rose skin water face mask HB-801


Hydrates and plumps the face without the need for excessive skincare routines.


Water face mask has perfected the use of biocellulose to deliver key nutrients to the skin in just one 15-minute treatment, which equates to a full month of serum use. Your skin will be revived, hydrated and soothed thanks to the combination of key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, water-binding sugars, arnica and gentian.



The incredible WATER MASK hydrates and moisturizes skin while promoting a well-rested appearance. Recharge while you sleep as the natural ingredients are absorbed deeply to brighten, relax and purify stressed and tired-looking skin.Prepare your skin for the next day by replenishing moisture and nutrients.


The Water facial mask is a product for natural skin, which hydrates it so that you can have a bright and perfect face.


Recommended for sensitive skin


single application




How to use

1-Unfold the mask

2-Apply the mask to clean ,dry skin

3-Lleave on for 15-20 minutes

4-Remove the mask and massage any excess product into the skin.

No need to rinse


Use twice a week



1-This deeply hydrating sheet mask treatment is perfect for adding moisture to the skin and enhancing its natural glow.

2-Suitable for all types of skin.